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Born and bred in Geelong, Victoria but living on the Bellarine for the past 20 years, Andrea Robertson has been playing music and writing songs since her early teens. Andrea's debut CD "It's About Time" is a collection of 10 original songs with an organic, very 'real' feel to them, both musically and lyrically. A soulful-blues thread flows throughout the entire album from the first track, the warm and engaging "By My Side", to the catchy, stomping number "It's Not Me" and story-like "New Beginnings", right through to the rocking closing track "Share Some Love" (featuring Chris Wilson on harmonica). "It's About Time" has a very complete feel to it due to the variety of songs featured, but at the same time leaves listeners wanting to hear more of her work. Local musicians on the album include husband, David Robertson, good friends Beau Torrance, Kurt Torrance and Ben Howlett, and also features Australian Blues Legend, Chris Wilson and the Ukulele Queen of the Bellarine, Sarah Carroll.


CD Launch - booked in for 13 July!

Andrea Robertson

Hi everyone,

I'm a tad excited to be able to say I've booked in a date for the launch of my new CD "It's About Time".  How good is it that I can do a launch in my hometown of Ocean Grove! Yes, it's happening at the iconic Piping Hot Chicken Shop right here in the main street of Ocean Grove on Sunday 13th July kicking off at 2:30pm until 5:30pm.

More details to be announced shortly, but set the date aside and make sure you come along and enjoy a cruisy afternoon at the Chook Shop listening to original tunes surrounded by other lovers of music. I hope to see you there!

Andrea X

Facebook Music Page now up and running....!

Andrea Robertson

I'm a bit slow on the up-take but with a bit of help from my wonderful sis-in-law - Kylie Robertson - we've finally managed to get my Facebook music page up and running.  I'm not so good at the social media stuff, not sure I ever will be to be honest, but I'll try......!

Check it out when you get the chance!

About the album Title

Andrea Robertson

For those of you wanting to know why I've titled my album "It's About Time", here is a little story of how it came about........

After many years of writing and performing my original songs and not having done any serious recording, I was asked the same question by many people, which was, "When are you going to record a CD so I can listen to some of your songs?". After much pushing and prodding by David (husband), I finally took the plunge, selected 10 songs out of a long list of originals and started the recording process in February 2013, enlisting the help of the one and only Beau Torrance prior to him heading over to W.A.  So as I was asked that same question by friends and people who liked my music, I was able to answer them with "Actually, I'm in the process of recording a CD now" to which I received a fairly standard and emphatic reply of "It's about time!".  When it came to the stage that I needed to make a decision about a title for my CD, it seemed to be a fitting choice.

And therein lies the story of how my CD received it's title.

Album Shoot

Studio Ish

We finished the photo shoot for the album last month. I took out my husband's Bedford Van with sister-in-law Kylie, and headed up to the look out in Ocean Grove. It was a perfect kind of evening with another stunning sunset in Ocean Grove style and bar the gale force winds, everything went pretty smoothly!

Really happy with the results considering I'm not so keen photo shoots, in fact, I think I am really bad at them (sorry Kylie!) so I've posted a few snaps below for you to have a squiz. Kylie used a combination of digital and film for these (including a couple of snaps on an old twin lebs Rollei which I'll post soon!).

Andrea X


Dave's beloved (the Bedford, not me).